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Launch & grow a scalable strategy consultancy.

Insanely-detailed strategy consultant training for overthinkers who need more than just vague PDFs and third-person example videos.

Coupled with ongoing mentoring from an overthinktrovert who pivoted from a failing agency into pure strategy consulting.

What if I said that your business could fit your life instead of the other way around?

Ready to redirect your unique skills, experience, abilities, and expertise into your own high-value consulting business...

...but struggling to get past your imposter syndrome?

What if I don't know the answer? What if they don't get results? What results can I even offer? What if they don't believe I can help them? What if...? What if...?

Sound familiar? I get it.

If you're anything like me, it's tough to get past the "what if's" and actually launch your consulting business when you know it's going to be totally reliant on your abilities.

It's even tougher when you have a lot of experience, expertise, and education but, you just don't know what to consult on!

You know you've got a lot of value to give. You prove it every time someone close to you asks your advice.

But, it's a different story when you need to charge for it. 

Gaining confidence.

We call it strategy consulting, but, in reality, we're about increasing confidence.

More confidence for you thanks to facilitating with step-by-step processes, structured timers, and in-depth scripts.

More confidence for your clients thanks to real business-building results based in strategy, data, and research.

More confidence in attainable revenue for your consultancy thanks to higher-priced, higher-value sprints.

More confidence for you to eliminate reliance on other people, equipment, and infrastructure — take your specialty, your knowledge, your insights, and your business wherever you go!

We did it the hard way.

When we switched to a strategy-first consultancy, we tried to keep the creative work and its associated revenue at the same time.

It took just one client to show why that wouldn't work for us!

We had assumed that our place as a valued partner would be solidified because we were performing the strategy for our clients.

But, even after being elevated to that level, when the strategy concluded and the project switched over to the creative deliverables, the client's attitude toward us, and treatment of us changed dramatically.

We were right back to being treated like order takers.

Today, we offer purely strategy in our consultancy. We won't even "project manage" a creative project on behalf of our clients.

Sure, we can consult, our experience is valuable, after all. But we won't accept the role of order-taker from a client ever again. We help our clients grow with strategy. That's all we do.

And we can show you how to do the same for your clients.

Strategy Consulting isn't Rocket Surgery.

It's research, logic & analysis.

Simpligy teaches overthinkers, introverts, and aspiring strategists the research techniques, facilitation skills, and leadership actions that turn variable client inputs into high-power, client-specific strategy.

You won't find our members stuck producing "deliverables," you'll find them adding value, clarifying business landscapes, and creating positive change for their clients.

How it works.

There's a lot of training that claims to teach you "how to be a consultant" but it's a whole different thing to know what you're consulting on. Simpligy provides you with everything you need to launch your successful strategy consultancy — including your consulting specialty.

How to Sell Strategy Services.

(the Overthinktrovert-proof Process)

    Grab your seat to get the Scripts, Questions, Process, and Closing techniques to show you the exact way to sell strategy services.

Free Masterclass: Grab Your Spot Now.

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Not Sure Where To Begin?

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