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Launch & Grow a Scalable Strategy Consultancy.

Simpligy breaks down Strategy Consulting to powerful step-by-step sprints & shows you exactly how to facilitate them for success.

Get proven processes, anxiety-busting scripts, professional delivery apps, and join a community dedicated to strategic mastery.

Still trading hours for dollars?

As tactical projects continue to be in shorter supply, there are increasing opportunities for consultants that have the processes and assets in place for highly-specialized sprint-based projects. 


The on-demand economy began coming of age through 2020 & 2021, so it’s no surprise that specialized consulting is the high-growth model of 2022.


Not only do sprint-based projects fit our current reality’s budget requirements, they position strategy consultants to name and claim their choice of niches while developing expertise and a predictable cash-flow. 

And, by eliminating the “generalist” competition, a specialized strategy consultant is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the existing collaboration model where larger firms bring in specialist expertise on a rapid-turnaround basis.

Strategy Consulting isn't Rocket Surgery.

It's research, logic & analysis.

Simpligy teaches overthinkers, introverts, and aspiring strategists the research techniques, facilitation skills, and leadership actions that turn variable client inputs into high-power, client-specific strategy.

You won't find our members stuck producing "deliverables," you'll find them adding value, clarifying business landscapes, and creating positive change for their clients.

How it works.

There's a lot of training that claims to teach you "how to be a consultant" but it's a whole different thing to know what you're consulting on. Simpligy provides you with everything you need to launch your successful strategy consultancy — including your consulting specialty.


    Sure you've got valuable experience, expertise, and insights, but how does that translate into a consulting specialty?

    Designed by an overthinking introvert, we've removed all the guesswork from launching a strategy consulting business with specialized sprints deployable right across a business' lifecycle.

    Choose one sprint to create a specialty or deploy all five and make yourself an indispensable strategy partner no matter where your client is in their business.


    There’s something comforting and efficient about working with familiar patterns, especially for those of us who overthink everything.

    But systems are about much more than comfort. 

    As a strategy consultant, it’s not enough to have a valuable methodology; you’ve also got to be able to repeat it in a way that saves your sanity while still guaranteeing a unique and successful output for the client.

    What makes our system so powerful is our ability to run the same system with every client, while developing individual and unique outputs every time.

    Not only does our repeatable system eliminate your overwhelm and fear, you are guaranteed to develop entirely unique and valuable results for your clients.


    We've all read the bullshit guidance from extroverts saying, "don't use a script, keep it fluid..."

    That's great if your introverted mind is not actively trying to sabotage you! Let's do this in a way that it works for you.

    Complete scripts for every part of each sprint are included, from intro's to exercises, answers to the questions you'll encounter, and even how to close out (no more awkward, 20-minute goodbyes!).

    Use the scripts as you need them, lose them when you don't.


    Virtual sprints are a revelation for introverts, but getting them right means choosing the right platforms to both support and enhance your delivery.

    We've assembled a suite of the most accessible and easy to use supporting apps and virtual collaboration platforms.

    This app suite makes it simple for participants to join and participate, and has all the functionality to encourage engagement and collaboration while making facilitation easy, enjoyable, and foolproof for you.

    Best of all, every license you'll need is available free.


    Introverts of the world unite! You know, separately, in your own homes. 😁

    Seriously, though, choosing the right community is vital to your success. You need to surround yourself with people who understand introverted, overthinking entrepreneurs. People who actually get you.

    Working among likeminded individuals offers you a safe, encouraging environment to collaborate, get help, practice facilitating, and make connections.

    Whether you’re testing an exercise, tweaking your scripts, figuring out a niche, or you're just stuck, Simpligy's introvert-friendly community is here to help.

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But, doing it right can be just plain difficult. We’re here to make it easier.


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Unleashing the power of an onliness statement REQUIRES a purpose-driven brand.

And, most brands aren't really purpose-driven.


How to develop your SaaS Brand Positioning.

The first stage in a SaaS product’s lifecycle involves identifying a problem and how your SaaS provides a solution to the problem. So many SaaS companies focus only on the tech, developing a culture that doesn’t understand or believe that much in branding.

Luckily for you, most of your competitors think ‘branding’ is what’s happening to their company while they’re too busy adding new features, raising money or “growth-hacking.”


FREE Video Training.

Find Your Niche, Solve More Valuable Problems.

It's a catch 22: You're taking every job that comes your way, you're struggling to stand out and generate leads but you're afraid niching will lose you clients or leave money on the table.

 I get it. I made this video training for you.

  • Stake your claim as the go-to expert​.

  • Find out the exact prospect you can get the most significant results for, the fastest, and with the least amount of stress.

  • Become more valuable as a business and increase trust from customers.

  • Work through the included Trello boards and exercises to develop brand assets to help you drive all future brand and product decisions.

  • Know your most valuable activities.

  • Discover your ideal product/service opportunity.

  • Uncover their exact struggles, pains, and desires... in their own words, without surveys, and without interviews.

  • The fewer things you have to offer, the fewer things you have to develop expertise in, the easier it is to learn more than anyone else about what you do. And gain the confidence that goes with it!

  • Get the FREE Training

    Program Created by

    Bruce White

    Founder - Lead Strategist

    Bruce White is a Strategy Consultant dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs & brands in the search for clarity & purpose.

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