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For Leaders. For Strategists.

At some point, every leader realizes they're no longer in control of their own brand. 

And that the competition, the market or, even their employees are directing the ship.

But creating a community of loyal and engaged brand evangelists will be impossible until you take control, tune into customers’ beliefs and connect with your market on a deeper level.

The good news? We can give you the strategic framework to optimize your customer loyalty and company culture through clarity, definition, and actionable next steps.

Why It Works

Recognized with the EDAC Best Brand Identity Award, we’ve developed a deeper, more efficient approach to growth strategy.

Strategy + Research + Messaging = Connection

Together, using an efficient, user centric, and facilitated framework, we define and prioritize your strategic foundation, uncover actionable insights, make recommendations, and produce next-step planning that can be deployed in your organization to create real human connection.

  • Connected customers are loyal.

  • Loyal customers are passionate.

  • Passionate customers trust, support, and refer you.

  • The process begins with you.

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    Our Most Loved Articles

    You Want Valuable Solutions? We've Got You Covered.

    The Definitive Guide to Positioning your Brand.

    Stop competing on price and relying on referrals. Define your positioning, claim a point of differentiation and let the clients come to you.

    Positioning is the absolute core of your brand message and the best way to differentiate your business from lower-priced competition while attracting higher-value clients.


    But, doing it right can be just plain difficult. We’re here to make it easier.


    How to write your Brand's Onliness Statement.

    There are lots and lots of articles titled, "how to write an onliness statement" but, in most cases, they just give you a list of examples. And, I think there's a good reason for the previous absence of real advice around this.

    Unleashing the power of an onliness statement REQUIRES a purpose-driven brand.

    And, most brands aren't really purpose-driven.


    How to develop your SaaS Brand Positioning.

    The first stage in a SaaS product’s lifecycle involves identifying a problem and how your SaaS provides a solution to the problem. So many SaaS companies focus only on the tech, developing a culture that doesn’t understand or believe that much in branding.

    Luckily for you, most of your competitors think ‘branding’ is what’s happening to their company while they’re too busy adding new features, raising money or “growth-hacking.”



    What Do People Say About Us?

    "After speaking with half-a-dozen agencies, we began to see the same reoccurring theme of companies who still believe in traditional brand thinking. This is the notion that a new visual identity will lead to bigger and better things.

    We disagree wholeheartedly. Brand is the sum of all experiences and interactions with AudioConexus. This requires strategic thinking, not Adobe Illustrator.

    We needed fresh thinking and a company that had the right mix of knowledge, expertise, creativity, and vision to help us with our strategic branding initiative.

    We chose Simpligy and we’re so glad we did! Simpligy has succeeded brilliantly by getting to the heart of how we expand brand relevance and brand resonance by starting from within. Their pivotal insights are game-changing for us.

    If you’re growth-minded, hire Simpligy. Commit yourself to their process and do the work. They just don’t roll out a process and deliver a report, they add immeasurable value every step of the way.

    Simpligy made a big impact on our business that will pay dividends for years to come.

    Jonathan Stanley

    CEO - AudioConexus

    Not Sure Where To Begin?

    Join Me In The Simpligy Collective

    We've taken all of our content in every form — podcasts, videos, articles, and guides — and plugged it into searchable topics in one place. 

    And, then added a discussion forum.


    So you can join us to get quick answers, learn new skills, and gain confidence as a strategist in whichever format you prefer.

    FREE Video Training.

    Find Your Niche, Solve More Valuable Problems.

    It's a catch 22: You're taking every job that comes your way, you're struggling to stand out and generate leads but you're afraid niching will lose you clients or leave money on the table.

     I get it. I made this video training for you.

  • Stake your claim as the go-to expert​.

  • Find out the exact prospect you can get the most significant results for, the fastest, and with the least amount of stress.

  • Become more valuable as a business and increase trust from customers.

  • Work through the included Trello boards and exercises to develop brand assets to help you drive all future brand and product decisions.

  • Know your most valuable activities.

  • Discover your ideal product/service opportunity.

  • Uncover their exact struggles, pains, and desires... in their own words, without surveys, and without interviews.

  • The fewer things you have to offer, the fewer things you have to develop expertise in, the easier it is to learn more than anyone else about what you do. And gain the confidence that goes with it!

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    Bruce White

    Founder - Lead Strategist

    Bruce White is a Strategy Consultant dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs & brands in the search for clarity & purpose.

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